Why You Need a Great (and CURRENT!) Headshot

by Chantal January 21, 2019

Meet my talented client April! April specializes in psychiatric nutrition. She is a jet setter and travels all over the world to share her awesome knowledge about food, the brain, and how wellness from nutrition impacts our life. Her personal brand,  which is focused on growth and transparency,  requires that she keep her audience with her on the journey. Current photos and personal branding are absolutely essential for her career. 

Why Being Current is Important for You

I often hear folks say, “Well, not much has changed!” or “But I love this picture of myself from 2007!” regarding their professional photos. It’s okay to treasure that fabulous shot of you in your blazer, and there’s no need to delete it from social media. But when it comes to your website, your LinkedIn profile and the image you are putting forth for your business or brand, being current is absolutely essential.  Here are some important reasons why!

    • Your image–the way you look TODAY–is important in building trust with your clients and customers. You might think it doesn’t matter if a few years have passed, and your style has shifted a little, or your hair is shorter now. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong in that assumption! The human brain seeks reassurance and predictability. Getting to know a professional before working with them is an important step in the process of creating trust in any relationship. Showing folks the real you in the here and now is imperative!


    • Contemporary photos highlight the currency of your brand and draw folks into your world.  Recent studies such as those published in Industrial Marker show that relevant images “average 94% more total views than articles without images.” Your branding photos (yes, you need more than one and some variety!) are going to be a huge part of the story you are telling, and that story has many chapters.


  • New headshots are a way to keep drawing attention to the innovation you are bringing. Offering a new service or skill? Time to change your headshot to reflect that new offering. Working from a new space? You probably see where I’m going here.

We’re only about three weeks into the new business year. Do you feel your personal brand speaks to who you currently are? What needs some “freshening up?”

Let’s talk about how we can kick your success into overdrive for the coming year! Need to book some headshots or a branding session? Let’s chat!

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