Why I Recommend WordPress Sites…And How Much It Really Costs!

by Chantal March 07, 2019

So you’re building a website!

Will it be a blog site? SquareSpace? Wix? Weebly?

There are so many choices, it’s no wonder that the average business person or professional would be completely overwhelmed by what to choose. Additionally,  if that person is hiring someone else to do the work for them, what a reasonable price might be.

Chance are, on your journey, you’ll have a lot of recommendations. And you might have some fancy ideas about what you need your website to do–ideas that could potentially be complex to build if you are hiring someone else to do it. First and foremost, please remember this:

Your website really only has one job…

…To make your prospects more interested in you, and convincing them to reach out their hand and shake yours. (And buy your product or hire you for the job.) All the fancy stuff can come later, and it certainly doesn’t need to be plastered all over your front page, confusing folks, or worse yet, popping up as they’re trying to read about you. (Please don’t put pop-up ads on your website!!) You’re building a relationship!

For that reason, your website just needs to be clear, impactful and useful for the people who are visiting.

So why WordPress? (And why not free?)

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Just kidding, my reasons are actually super simple! Here they are:

  1.  WordPress itself is free–both the version THEY host, that you can sign up for, and the version YOU host on your own space, which you download from them. I recommend the latter.  Unfortunately,  the free blog site hosted through WordPress has major limitations, where-as the self-hosted version is HIGHLY customizable and user-friendly.  There’s literally a plug-in for everything you might want to ever do with your website, making it oh-so-easy to win the day! And you can directly edit code (a plus for web developers and those who like things customized.)
  2. Self-hosted WordPress belongs to you. Sites like Squarespace actually belong to someone else. and they charge you for renting that real estate. If they should ever go away (for any reason) so does your hard work. That’s not like the self-hosted WordPress site, that lives on your own URL. You can backup your data anytime you want, and you control everything.
  3. It looks great, and there are a ton of themes (both free and premium) that are catered to the exact purpose/industry you are building a website for. You don’t have to include a blog if you don’t want to.

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How much does it really cost for a WordPress Site (labor not included)?

Here’s a very transparent breakdown of what it actually costs to build a WordPress site:

Under $10 for a URL each year, less if you buy in bulk. This is your actual “.com” address. You can bundle it with a hosting service, but I actually like to use two separate companies myself.

Between $60-$100 a year or so for server space. This depends on whether or not you need a secure site for e-commerce. etc. Most folks get by with the cheaper price if they don’t!

Around $50 for a premium theme, if you really want something snazzy. Don’t get me wrong, there are some GREAT free themes out there. But for this one time charge, you can look at thousands of themes and probably find one that is beautiful and fits your needs almost perfectly.

OK, but what about actually putting it together?

Unless you are a developer. this part can be tricky. I’ve been building websites for over 20 years, and the process is streamlined and quick for me because of my knowledge. Because I can be speedy, I pass the savings on to my clients. My WordPress build doesn’t include the cost of the raw materials needed (domain, URL) but for $500 I complete the website creation for my clients AND that even includes 2 complimentary training hours that you can use on whatever you’d like–learning to blog, modifying your front page or menus, etc. (See my pricing guide here!)

What’s taken care of in my website build package:

  • URL propagation
  • Hosting setup (critical account information, dns servers, creation of WordPress Databases)
  • Application/installations of themes and “look” for website
  • Uploading/application of main graphics, logos, landing page photos, etc.
  • Creation of 3-4 basic pages, and contact form creation/modification
  • 2 training hours on how to use the control panel in WordPress

I strongly believe in putting the power back into the business owner’s hands and empowering folks to get their message out there, and I enjoy teaching folks how to do exactly that on their website! However, for those who don’t want to manage their own sites, I offer all of those services plus deluxe web packages with even more modification!

Have a question about WordPress sites?

Drop a comment below! And PS,  I just posted a video today on this topic over on my LinkedIn channel, so be sure to check that out!

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