For $120, you’ll receive a FREE hour of consultation services–THREE hours of communications consultation/audit services at the price of two. The first hour will be our initial consultation–a time to chat about goals and the scope of our assessment. Then, you’ll receive two hours of evaluation in the areas we choose with a formal report and suggestions. It’s tough to think of a more valuable way you could spend around $100 on your business–the potential for return investment is endless.

$120 Consultation & Audit Package

  • 1 hour of assessment/in-person consultation
  • 2 hours of communications materials review/audit
  • Final formal report in PDF form with suggested courses of action based on initial assessment

Three Valuable Hours of Consultation for the Price of Two.

WHAT IN THE HECK IS A COMMUNICATIONS AUDIT,  YOU ASK? Well, hey! I just wrote a blog about that, check it out here!

Think of it as a checkup on your brand. You’re just “popping in” to the communications doctor, checking on your ticker, weighing the good and the bad, and a bunch of other health-related metaphors. 😉 We’ll be taking a look at your everything from your visual brand to your organizational communications, and finding ways to be brighter and better!

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