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by Chantal May 23, 2018

WOULD YOU WANT TO VISIT NIKE WORLD? It’s a place where people are motivating and empowering each other, and everyone is donning active wear.  Many people are sweating, talking to themselves and lost in the meditational rhythm of their own awesomeness, running down the street at 6 in the morning, even when they didn’t feel like getting up. Because…Just Do It.

Do bacon cheeseburgers fit in as a breakfast food in Nike world? I suppose that remains to be seen…but something tells me, it’s not part of the story.

OKAY. So perhaps “Nike World” sounds funny. Or, if you value your morning snooze button session, maybe it sounds like an episode of the Twilight Zone. But it’s actually an awesome exercise that can help you understand what fits in your personal or business brand.  I stumbled upon the suggestion in one of my favorite business podcasts, Sprouting Photographer, and I’ve been using it ever since as a guide and tool of acumen while deciding what belongs in my own brand universe.

Here’s how you can visualize your brand, and your company, using the “Brand World” metaphor:

  • Identifying/accessing your target audience: Who lives in your brand’s world? What are they doing? What type of people are they? What do they eat, listen to and wear? These are all important factors in reaching your perfect client.
  • Making visual branding decisions: Is your brand world a casual place, or is it glamorous? What type of homes would exist in your brand’s world, and what type of furnishings and gadgets would be inside? Do you see neon green in your brand world, or is that much too “sporty” or “wild” for a world that is based on a class visual identity and authentic photographs?
  • Zoning in on messaging, written and verbal: Does your brand world usually communicate in a casual way, or is it formal? Is the attitude of your inhabitants cheeky, or are they focused–people who enjoy having the fat trimmed and direct communication with no frills.

There are even more benefits to this exercise if you let your mind wander. Tell your brand’s story from sunrise to sunset, and you’ll find that in your tale, you’ve not only pinpointed your target audience/perfect client but the image and brand you’ll need to sustain to keep their trust.

Need some extra inspo? Check out this great article with 20 steps to creating a brand identity.

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