The One-Step Sneaky and Cheap Way to Take a Great Product Shot–With a Cell Phone

by Chantal March 18, 2019 Communications Tips

This article originally appeared when I wrote it on LinkedIn on February 13th, 2019. Let’s connect! If you’re a business

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Why I Recommend WordPress Sites…And How Much It Really Costs!

by Chantal March 07, 2019 Communications Tips

So you’re building a website! Will it be a blog site? SquareSpace? Wix? Weebly? There are so many choices, it’s

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3 Creative Exercises to Transform Worker Bees Into CEOs

by Chantal January 31, 2019 Communications Tips

I took this image of a darling little worker bee this fall when most of the fruits and veggies were

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Why You Need a Great (and CURRENT!) Headshot

by Chantal January 21, 2019 Communications Tips

Meet my talented client April! April specializes in psychiatric nutrition. She is a jet setter and travels all over the world

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Why You Shouldn’t Fear a Communications Audit–Don’t Underestimate “The Force”

by Chantal January 05, 2019 Communications Tips, Uncategorized

au·dit/ˈôdət/ Let’s take a look at that word, according to Feedback: “an official inspection of an individual’s or organization’s accounts,

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Great Expectations: 4 Ways to Keep Your Clients Happy

by Chantal January 04, 2019 Communications Tips

Around 6 hours. That’s how long (on average, according to readers surveyed at Adweek.com) that it takes to read the novel Great

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Brand World

by Chantal May 23, 2018 Communications Tips

WOULD YOU WANT TO VISIT NIKE WORLD? It’s a place where people are motivating and empowering each other, and everyone is

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